Club registration is to be done via PlayHQ.
Registrations online will open on 1st January, 2024 and will close on Friday 29th February, 2024 so that we can grade the teams.

Note: Kids play in the age group for the age they are turning this year. eg. if you are 8 now and will turn 9 before the end of the year, then you will play in the 9 Years

New Players

We will be at Wests Bowling Club, Tauranga Road, New Lambton for all new players and players who have not registered online on the following date. If you come to the Bowling Club to register you must bring your Active Kids Rebate Voucher with you.  

Date: Saturday 3rd February, 2024
Time: 9am – 2pm
Venue: Wests Bowling Club

Active Kids Vouchers

As you would be aware the current Active Kids voucher program is expiring tonight, with the new program and eligibility requirements beginning on February 1st (tomorrow).

Eligible families can apply for the new Active and Creative Kids Vouchers from tomorrow given the following parameters: the child is a NSW resident and aged between 4.5 and 18 years old; and, the family receives:

  • Family Tax Benefit Part A, or
  • Family Tax Benefit Part B, or
  • Both Family Tax Benefit Part A and Family Tax Benefit Part B.

Netball NSW has been notified of a delay in the integration between the new program platform and PlayHQ.

This is a sport wide issue, not just affecting netball.

Functionality is expected to come online in the coming week, in the meantime could you please ask your members to follow the process listed below when registering.

When participants start the registration process, as an interim solution, they will be redirected to a google form within PlayHQ and asked to provide Netball NSW with their voucher number.

 Netball NSW will verify and redeem the Active and Creative Kids Voucher on the participants behalf, and in return will provide each participant with a Netball NSW voucher number to be used to finalise the registration process (reducing registration by $50) in PlayHQ.

Please note that manual redemption of Active and Creative Kids Vouchers after a PlayHQ registration has been completed, will NOT be available under the new Program.

This is a short term solution, and we appreciate your understanding.

If you have any questions, please reach out to

Game Days

Newcastle Netball Association has advised the 7 Years and 8 Years games would be on a Friday night for the 2024 season – first game starting at 5.20 p.m and second game at 6.15 p.m.
All other years will be playing on Saturdays.

Club Grading

Grading is compulsory for all players, with the exception of age 7 and 8 years playing modified rules. Teams have to be finalised before 4th March, 2024

Grading will be held at the West Leagues Netball Courts, Tyrone Road, New Lambton on the following days.

Wednesday14th February, 20249 Years5.00 p.m.Wests Courts
Wednesday14th February, 202410 Years6.00 p.m.Wests Courts
Saturday17th February, 202411 Years9.00 a.m.Wests Courts
Saturday17th February, 202412 Years10.00 a.m.Wests Courts
Saturday17th February, 202413 Years12.00 o’clockWests Courts
Saturday17th February, 202414 Yrs & 15 Yrs2.00 p.m.Wests Courts
Monday5th March, 202410 Years Skills Session5:00pm – 7:00pmWests Courts – All Players and Coaches to attend skills session
Thursday7th  March, 202410 Years Grading – Newcastle5:30pmAll 10 Year old teams are required to attend grading at Newcastle Netball Courts
Monday25th March, 2024Skills Session for 7 Years & 8 Years4:30pm – 6:30pmWests Courts

Please note Players must be at grading 15 minutes before the starting time.

Any Player who cannot attend grading must notify one of the following Executive.

Announcement Dates for Teams

All Teams will be announced at the West Leagues Netball Courts this year – Dates and Times listed below

This will allow all players to be advised what team they are in and to meet their coach and discuss training days etc. We ask that all Players and Parents attend on their designated day which is listed below.

This will ensure that all players and parents will be fully informed at the earliest time and all at once – this should reduce the number of individual phone calls enquiring after teams etc that we have had in the past.

7 YearsMonday 19th February, 20245:00pm
8 YearsMonday 19th February, 20245:45pm
9 YearsMonday 19th February, 20236:30pm
10 YearsTuesday 20th February, 20245:30pm
11 YearsTuesday 20th February, 20246:00pm
12 YearsTuesday 20th February, 20246:30pm
13 YearsThursday 22nd February 20245:30pm
14 YearsThursday 22nd February 20246:00pm
15 YearsThursday 22nd February 20246:30pm
Cadets, 21’s, SeniorsThursday 22nd February 20246:30pm – 8.00pm

More Information

There will be two (2) Sam Poolman Clinics to be conducted at the West Leagues Netball Courts.
  • Thursday 21st March, 2024 – Age – 10 Years and 11 Years
  • Monday 8th April, 2024 – Age – 12 Years and 13 Years
When you are relieved from umpiring duties you must collect a card from the relieving umpire and return it to the office and sign the book and wait at the office until you are advised you can go.
It is the responsibility of the Parents to ensure Players arrive 15 minutes before their game, training and umpiring duties. Also the responsibility of the Parents to pick up their children on time from their game and training.
Units opposite the courts are private property – Please make sure you do not park across their driveways.
Any players having problems within the team should first contact their coach and then, if necessary, contact the Convenor for that age group.
Newcastle Netball Association has requested we keep the netball grounds clean at all times. Please place all you rubbish in the bins provided.
If any more information is required please call one of the Executive.